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Taking Las Vegas by Bubbles,

Up to 25 Locations Opening Soon!

WOW Carwash is coming soon to a neighborhood near you! We are actively expanding our reach to bring our express carwash with eco-friendly soaps and water conservation methods to even more areas. With our commitment to quality and customer service, we are the number one choice in the carwash industry. So keep an eye out for us in your neighborhood, we can't wait to serve you!

WOW Expands to Benefit More Communities

Soon, when you ask Siri for "a car wash near me" the answer will always be WOW Carwash because it is our goal to open up to 25 new locations over the next few years in the Las Vegas Valley. With this growth, we expect to dominate the Las Vegas market. We are quickly expanding into new areas and opening up more locations so that we can better serve our Guests. It is our goal to provide the best car washing experience possible in each Las Vegas neighborhood. We offer a variety of services such as drive thru express car wash, free vacuums, unlimited memberships and more. So come on down and experience the WOW Carwash difference today and watch for one coming to your neighborhood!

New Locations Coming Soon

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Why do People Choose WOW Carwash as number 1?



Did you know that WOW Carwash is constantly improving its technology to provide an even better car washing experience? We are always looking for ways to reduce water usage and conserve energy, without compromising on the quality of the wash. Our innovative technologies help us do just that! So next time you're in need of a quick wash, be sure to choose WOW Carwash!


And, did you know that WOW Carwash is committed to giving back to the community? We partner with local charities and fundraising organizations to help those in need. We believe that it is important for businesses to give back to the communities they serve, and we are proud to do our part. If you are interested in partnering with us or donating to our cause, please contact us! We would love to hear from you and help impact all of our communities.

WOW Carwash believes in supporting its local communities through volunteer work, raising charitable dollars, and teaming up with various organizations that provide important resources to neighborhoods, communities, and cities. Whether we're working with the Salvation Army, Three Square, picking up trash at local parks, or offering quality car washes with environmentally friendly soaps and water reclamation practices our Team strives to create the best culture for the best drive thru express car wash near you!

Buy Your Car Wash Today, and Join The Movement


These are just some of the benefits that WOW brings into our new communities and neighborhoods. Follow us on social media to stay Up-To-Date on our growing progress.

Come experience the WOW Carwash difference today! Watch for one of our locations coming to your neighborhood soon. We’re expanding into new areas and opening up more locations so that we can serve our customers better. Get your Membership today!

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