June 30, 2022

5 Things Summer Does to Your Vehicle

5 Things Summer Does to Your Vehicle Summer is a season many of us look forward to all year long. The summer sunshine and nice weather lets us shed our coats and pull out the shorts and swimwear. Pools open up, beaches fill in, drive-ins start showing, and vacations are planned. What could possibly be any better than this? Sadly, the summer sunshine comes with its downfalls too, especially in the desert sun. This blog will discuss how hard the summer sun is on a car and why proper care is important for you automobile. 1. The Sun Causes Fading and Cracking This is the most common problem that cars experience in the summer. The sun’s UV rays cause the color to fade and eventually, if left unchecked, can cause the paint to crack and peel. This not only looks bad but can also lead to rust and other problems. […]